Photo of computer workstation with custom thinkScript programming and ThinkOrSwim development setup

Custom ThinkScript Programming

Freelance ThinkOrSwim Work

I do freelance work on the side for users who have an idea for an indicator they want to create, and just don’t quite know how to implement it on their own. If you are interested in having a custom thinkScript indicator, strategy, chart study, scan, or watchlist column programmed, I can do that for you. I’ve done custom thinkScript work for many traders through popular freelancing sites as well as independently here on the site. I’ve also done all of my own premium ThinkOrSwim downloads here on the as well. In my programming I always emphasize making everything flexible (no hard-coded values), clean code, and good documentation so that it’s easy for users to customize later.

Who Is Josiah?

That would be me.

I’m a nerdy, introverted, early rising, ketogenic diet eating, guitar playing, real estate investing, futures trading, computer programming, world traveling, mountain climbing, entrepreneur. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 kids and live in the Nashville area. As far as programming credentials, I have a BBA and MS in Computer Information Systems so, theoretically at least, I should know what I’m doing on a computer. You’re welcome to stalk me on my personal site, twitter or facebook.

Custom ThinkScript Programming Rates & Policies

Custom programming projects are $100 minimum, which includes a free estimate, any clarification, and the first 3 hours of work. I can usually complete most projects within the minimum budget, but if it’s a more complex project, any time over the first 3 included hours is $35 per hour. I give free estimates up front via email, Facebook Messenger, or Google Hangouts chat. I don’t do phone calls, so please don’t ask. I hate telephones. Hence, I’m a nerdy trader and programmer :-). But honestly, if you really need to chat on the phone, it’s better for both of us if you just find another programmer. My mind just works better when I’m not being constantly interrupted by phone calls.

After development is finished, I will email you screenshots of the results and the output of the code. Once you review the output and approve it, I will email you an invoice via Paypal.

Once payment is received, I can deliver the finished thinkScript to you in 3 ways:

  1. ThinkOrSwim sharing links that automatically import the code into your system
  2. Plain text ThinkScript source code pasted into the email
  3. TOS source files (files ending in STUDY.ts, STRATEGY.ts, etc.) attached to the email

Complicated or involved projects may require a 50% deposit before I can devote my time to the work. I currently accept all major credit cards, Goldmoney, Coinbase, and Paypal.

I stand behind my work. If, after you have a chance to use the script, you find a mistake or error, I see it as my obligation to make it right. I’m proud of the work I do, and I have no desire to cheat anyone. Frankly, your hundred dollars is not worth the stress of knowing someone’s unhappy with me … I’d sooner just do the work for free than try to charge you for something that doesn’t work right.

Submitting a Request

A good template to follow might be to include any screenshots of examples, a general description of what you’re trying to do, and a detailed list of requirements, like such:

  • A list of conditions required for a signal to be considered valid. EXAMPLES:
    • Scan or Strategy Signal: “The closing price is above the 200 period simple moving average.”
    • Indicator: “The ratio of share volume to tick volume.”
    • Watchlist Column: “Overnight percent change from yesterday’s close.”
  • How the output should be formatted. EXAMPLES:
    • Columns: “I want it to highlight red when XYZ condition is true.”
    • Indicator: “I want it to be plotted as a lower chart study bar graph.”
    • Strategy: “I want it to say “Buy here” when a signal is generated, and “Sell here” when a target is reached.”

The more rigid, clear and precise you can be the better. This will help make sure the ThinkScript is finished exactly to your specifications the first time, and avoid misunderstandings. Remember, computers only speak in true or false. So the closer you can get to that when describing what you want, the better. 🙂

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