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On this page I plan to keep all my ThinkOrSwim Tutorial videos for an easy one-stop reference. Let me know in the comments if there are any particular topics that you’re having trouble with and I will try to cover them in upcoming TOS tutorials. Some topics I cover are how to create custom Thinkscript StockHacker and OptionHacker scans, how to create custom strategies and indicators or studies, how to calculate risk/reward ratios for trading using the fibonacci retracements tool, and more.

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1. Full Thinkorswim Tutorial Playlist on Youtube:

2. Getting Started

  1. How to login to Thinkorswim:
  2. How to demo trade with Thinkorswim PaperMoney:
  3. How to Install Indicators and Scans: 
  4. Using Thinkorswim Sharing Links:
  5. Installing the vertical time lines indicator: 

3. Scanning for Stocks, Futures, and Options Setups

  1. How to use StockHacker:
  2. Finding today’s hot stocks in the premarket:
  3. How to use OptionsHacker: 
  4. How to scan for 52-week highs and lows in Thinkorswim: 
  5. Scanning for gaps in the premarket using Thinkorswim’s stock hacker scanner: 
  6. Premarket gap scanner customization: 

4. Watchlists and Quote Columns

  1. Making and managing watchlists in TOS:
  2. Using custom quote columns in thinkorswim watchlists: 

5. Charts, Indicators, Studies, and Strategies

  1. Using the TOS Active Trader DOM and Price Ladder:
  2. How to backtest trading strategies in Think or swim: 
  3. How to use Chart Grids in TOS:
  4. How to create Flexible Chart Grids in Think Or Swim:
  5. How to trade the wide range bar strategy: 
  6. Trading mean reversion gaps like Adrian Manz: 
  7. Trade high of day breakouts: 
  8. Trade daily pullbacks: 
  9. Trade 52 week highs: 
  10. Vertical time lines indicator: 
  11. Psychological Whole Numbers: 
  12. Relative Volume Indicator: 
  13. Position Sizer for Think-Or-Swim: 
  14. Higher timeframe moving averages in TOS: 

6. Pro Tips, Tricks & Hacks

  1. Text, SMS, Email, and Push notifications for trade signals in Thinkorswim:
  2. Using the Fibonacci Retracement Tool to find risk/reward:

7. ThinkScripting – Becoming a Thinkscripter with TOS ThinkScript

  1. Create your first full featured Thinkscript indicator in TOS:

8. Troubleshooting Thinkorswim

  1. Why Is Thinkorswim running so SLOW?
  2. Fix a squished price scale chart in TOS: