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Automatic Zig Zag Anchored VWAP and Volume Profile

I had a request to do this indicator from a customer and I thought it would be a useful tool, so I got to work on it. I’ve added this as a free bonus to the existing Anchored VWAP and VWAP multiple timeframe set here.

The basic idea is you can define your Zig Zags as usual with the built in Zig Zag indicator. But instead of just plotting zig zags, the indicator will plot volume profiles for each wave/swing, and additionally anchor VWAPs to the most recent 5 swing high/low pivot points and plot them forward in time to present.

Here’s a quick walk through:

Thinkorswim automatic Zig Zag Anchored aVWAP and Volume Profile
Thinkorswim automatic Zig Zag Anchored aVWAP and Volume Profile

Get the indicator here (or if you’re an existing owner download it in the My Account > Orders > View Order Details page):

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Updates to ValueCharts

I recently overhauled ValueCharts and added some new features, such as a data frequency distribution like the one in the original book “Dynamic Trading Indicators”, showing how often different readings on the indicator are touched so you can place trades at the most ideal levels. For the data points you can either use the closing value of each ValueCharts bar, or the midpoint of each Value Charts bar.

I also added a back test enabled strategy file where you can see how your chosen levels perform on whichever symbols you like. The strategy includes an optional trend filter so you can tell it to only take long trades above a certain moving average, such as the 200 SMA, and only shorts below it, etc.

As always, prior purchasers get the updates for free and new customers will have access immediately at check out.

Click here to check it out.



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New Version of Pre Market High Low Range Indicator Released

Premarket Range Indicator for Thinkorswim - Aftermarket Only Mode

An all new overhaul of the Premarket / Aftermarket / Overnight (Extended Hours) high-low range indicator is available here.

The new release includes lots of new features:

  • Switch between after market, pre market, and combined overnight / extended hours.
  • Choose to turn on/off any of the new extension levels.
  • Choose to show shaded areas between any of the levels.
  • Use custom alerts for when prices cross any of the levels.

Find out more and purchase the download here: