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Seasonality Tutorial – How to Use Seasonal Charts in ThinkOrSwim

Seasonality Tutorial – How to Use Seasonal Charts in ThinkOrSwim

TOS has a great feature I didn’t know about until recently, which is the Seasonality Chart mode. In this video, I show you how to pull up a seasonal chart, change the scaling to percentage-based instead of price-based, and compare different seasonal averages such as the 20, 10, and 5 year seasonality charts.

ThinkOrSwim’s seasonality charts are perhaps a little on the basic side, but still functional and useful for finding statistical tendencies in markets and identifying the best times of the year, historically, to buy or sell a given stock or future.

The seasonal charts in think or swim help us see the cyclicality or cyclical nature of the markets.

In the end, seasonality analysis can help you add that much more of an edge to your trading and investing strategy, increasing your odds of success by taking advantage of seasonal tendencies.

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