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Huge Database of FREE ThinkOrSwim Indicators and ThinkScript Downloads

Thinkorswim Downloads: free thinkorswim indicators chart studies scans and strategies

ThinkOrSwim Downloads Master List of FREE ThinkScripts!

Check out this HUGE list of free ThinkOrSwim downloads and thinkScripts! With most of the indicators and studies I program for my trading, I put a lot of time and energy into them in order to make sure they’re professional quality and offer a premium value — that they’re not just rehashing old chart studies that are already available, and have options that traders can use to customize them to their own trading. But there are also a lot of good free thinkScripts out there that do useful things too. And I do get asked about where to download free thinkorswim indicators from time to time, so in true Josiah fashion, I decided I wanted to deliver and go massively above and beyond in providing value, even for something that is completely FREE!

What This Is

This post contains a massive collection of free thinkorswim downloads that the authors have made available without charge on the web through the ThinkOrSwim sharing platform’s special sharing links feature. These thinkScript downloads are not my own, so I don’t warrant or offer any kind of support for them. And I’m not hosting them on my own site, I’m only linking to the downloads on TD Ameritrade’s servers where the authors posted them for free. But I wanted to provide a good one-stop resource for people looking for free thinkorswim resources, custom quote columns, scanners, chart studies, technical indicators, and strategies for the thinkorswim platform, and this list should definitely do that for you!

How to Install thinkScripts and ThinkOrSwim Downloads – First Things First

To install ThinkOrSwim downloads and indicators from these links, there are 2 options: either click the link and then the green button on the next page, OR simply copy the link, select “Setup” on the upper right of your ThinkOrSwim application, and select “Open shared item…” Then paste in the link and open it that way. Sometimes the first method doesn’t work depending on how you have your app installed, so sometimes the second method is the best way.

Download Custom Scans & Scanners for ThinkOrSwim

Download ThinkOrSwim Custom Indicators & Studies

Download Random ThinkOrSwim Studies and ThinkScript Indicators
Download Mobius’ ThinkScripts for ThinkOrSwim

Download Think Or Swim Quotes & ThinkScript Custom Columns for MarketWatch, StockHacker, and Sidebar Watchlists

ThinkOrSwim Downloads – Scripts for Stock, Options, Futures and Forex Trading Strategies

Download The Complete ThinkOrSwim SwimLessons ThinkScripts Archive

All of the past SwimLessons about ThinkScript have been archived for download, and here is the complete list courtesy of TOS Support. It’s an incredible wealth of thinkScripts that should keep you busy for awhile!

ThinkScript Watchlist Custom Quote Columns – Download Below
ThinkOrSwim Downloads of Chart Studies / Indicators / Alerts:
Download ThinkOrSwim Scans / Scanners & Stockhacker ThinkScripts

IMPORTANT: after you import any Scan, go to Scan tab and click on top right menu icon to select the saved query.  Then edit the filters and add any extra filters, and select watchlist of symbols with liquid options top left Scan In.  Now click on top right menu icon and Save Query to save your changes.

Hopefully you found some goodies buried in this huge list of Thinkorswim download resources.

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Weis Wave Volume, Ord-Volume, and Neoclassical Trend Indicator

L.A. Little Neoclassical Trend, David Weis Wave Volume, and Timothy Ord Volume Indicator

Weis Wave Volume, Zig Zag & Ord-Volume Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

The Weis Wave Volume & Ord-Volume indicator combines features similar to L.A. Little’s work on objective trend identification and pivot breakout evaluation using volume, with the work of David Weis and the Weis Wave concept, plus the ideas of Timothy Ord and his Ord-Volume indicator, as well as other traders/authors such as Anna Coulling and of course Richard Wyckoff.

What It Does

The upper indicator plots the classic zigzag waves, swings, and pivots using closing prices, based on either an absolute (price based) reversal, average true range (ATR) multiple reversal, or percentage reversal.

It then sums up all the volume in each “leg” or wave/swing and provides the absolute volume at the pivot high or low (useful for evaluating pivot breakout challenges), the total cumulative volume for the swing/wave/leg (similar to David Weis’ Weis Wave indicator), and the average volume for the swing/wave/leg (similar to Timothy Ord’s Ord-Volume). It can also plot challenges to a prior high that do not happen at a pivot point and plot the absolute volume for that particular bar on the chart (see image — this, again, is useful to comparing the challenge-bar’s volume to the prior pivot it is challenging, to see if it has enough volume to win the challenge).

The lower indicator plots the cumulative, average, and absolute volumes per swing/wave/leg as a lower study similar to an oscillator or volume readout. This is a useful add on for those who don’t want to keep the bubbles on the main chart — they can instead just look below and see what the current wave volume readings are.

Why You Need It

  • Helps you identify trends in a more objective way using L.A. Little’s concepts of confirmed and suspect trends.
  • Helps you evaluate the quality of breakouts more effectively using L.A. Little’s pivot challenge techniques.
  • Brings the popular Weis Wave indicator to ThinkOrSwim in a much more powerful and customizable way.
  • Brings the popular Ord-Volume indicator to ThinkOrSwim — previously completely unavailable.
  • Allows for a deeper, three-dimensional view of volume for Richard Wyckoff analysis enthusiasts.


  • Show/hide labels, chart bubbles, and pivot test bubbles.
  • Choose between absolute (price-based), percentage, or ATR multiple-based reversal calculations for swings.
  • Customizable zig-zag colors.
  • Customizable bubble offset spacing around price chart.
  • Use either upper study, lower study, or both together.
  • Makes a great complement for other Wyckoff-style volume analysis tools such as my Relative Volume indicators.


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L.A. Little Neoclassical Trend, David Weis Wave Volume, and Timothy Ord Volume Indicator
L.A. Little Neoclassical Trend, David Weis Wave Volume, and Timothy Ord Volume Indicator


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