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How to Draw Vertical Time Lines & Reminders Automatically in ThinkOrSwim

Download the indicator here:

This indicator allows you to place reminders at specific times during the trading day by automatically drawing a vertical time level or line at a specified time. It can also notify you of key reversal times that you’re watching, daily margin call times, opens and closes.

Have a specific strategy you only want to trade before 11:00 a.m.? Put a reminder in your chart to stop trading it after 11:00. In addition to custom times, each time can have a custom label attached, as well as custom line weight, style, and color.

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How to Trade 52-Week Highs & Lows in ThinkOrSwim with the Yearly Reclimb % Indicator


Download here:

This is a custom quote column or watchlist column for ThinkOrSwim that shows the percentage that a stock in your list has reclimbed from the 52 week low toward the 52 week high. So if the yearly high is $100 and the yearly low is $0, and if the stock is currently trading at $60, then the yearly reclimb indicator would show 0.6 for 60% of the year’s range.

This ThinkOrSwim indicator helps you sort your watchlist by yearly low-to-high reclimb, and find either stocks that are about to break out over their 52-week highs, or bottom-pick value stocks that are trading at or near their 52-week lows.

Find out more and download this ThinkOrSwim indicator/watchlist column here:

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How to Trade Daily Pullbacks with The Pullback % Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Download here:

This video shows you how to sort stocks in your ThinkOrSwim watchlist by the % it has pulled back from the day’s extreme. So if it is a red day, the pullback % would be from the low of the day: a 2% reading would mean that the stock has pulled back off the low of the day toward the high by 2% of the day’s range. If it is a green day, a 5% reading would mean that the stock has pulled back 5% from the day’s high.

This ThinkOrSwim indicator column gives you a good way to sort and find stocks that are pulling back and giving a more attractive entry location. You can also use it to spot stocks trading at or near their daily highs or lows, and that might be ready to breakout to the upside for a long trade, or breakdown to the downside for a short.

Find out more and download the indicator here: