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Automatically Find Chart Patterns & Candlestick Patterns in ThinkOrSwim Automatically Find Chart Patterns & Candlestick Patterns in ThinkOrSwim Think-Or-Swim has a great little feature that helps you automatically find and trade technical chart patterns and candlestick patterns. You’ve no doubt read about the classic technical chart patterns such as double tops and bottoms, head and shoulders, ascending triangles, etc. You’ve likely also heard of the Japanese candlestick patterns such as Marubozu, Doji, Evening Star, Morning Star, etc. But did you know ThinkOrSwim knows how to find and notify you of all these types of chart patterns automatically? TOS features a great pattern recognition engine that finds both classic technical chart patterns and Japanese candlestick patterns. In this video I show you how to turn on pattern recognition in TOS and then customize which classic chart and candlestick patterns you want Think Or Swim to find for you. In my next video, I’ll also show you how to make your own custom candlestick patterns in TOS. If you find these videos helpful, please like & subscribe! And leave us a comment or email us on the website at:

2 thoughts on “Automatically Find Chart Patterns & Candlestick Patterns in ThinkOrSwim

  1. Is there a way to set up alerts for patterns showing up within any given watch list?

    1. I don’t know of a way to do that, no. I know how to scan for candlestick patterns and setup an alert for those, but not classic chart patterns unfortunately.

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