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New ThinkScript and New Discount Coupon Codes

discount thinkorswim promotion thinkscript coupon codes

Just a quick update for the blog — recently I’ve added several new thinkscript indicators and such that I’ve been working on over the past few months. Several new multiple timeframe indicators, strategy bundles, and so forth, are now available on the site for you to check out.

Additionally, the Low Float lists have been updated as promised. You’ll find the new auto-install links under your Order details page in the My Account area.

ALSO … as a Labor Day treat, I wanted to post a few promo codes for you to choose from:

  • Choose any 2 thinkscript indicators, get 15% off. Discount promotion code “bulk2”.
  • Choose any 3 thinkorswim indicators, get 20% off. Discount code “bulk3”.
  • Choose any 4 thinkscript, get 25% off. Promo code “bulk4”.
  • Choose any 5 thinkscripts, get 30% off. Coupon code “bulk5”.

I consider my work here to be a business to business enterprise, because as traders, we’re all entrepreneurs. So as always, I appreciate the ongoing loyalty and trust your business places in mine, and I hope to continue to provide fair value-for-value exchanges with all my fellow traders.

Have a great holiday!


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This week: 15% off coupon due to site issues

15 percent off coupon code for thinkorswim

Hi traders — I have to apologize for the recent site outage. There was a combination of a DDoS attack experienced by our hosting company, A2 Hosting, and possibly also a WordPress site upgrade that broke some stuff due to incompatibility. Anyway, in either case, it should all be fixed now.

As an apology, I wanted to post a coupon code to say thanks for your loyalty, patience, and understanding. I’m repeatedly amazed at the quality of people I meet through this ThinkOrSwim community and I don’t take it lightly that you all have welcomed me and my work and given me your trust from day one. So thanks again for that.

If there’s anything on the site you’ve been looking at, here’s a one-time code, good for the rest of this week through Sunday night, for an extra 15% off whatever the current price is:


Just type that in the coupon field during checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order.

Thanks again for your patience and enjoy the rest of the trading week!